Space saving radiant panel heaters


There’s something of a renaissance taking place for electric heating taking place across the UK. The memories of electric storage radiators twinned with an Economy 7 tariff have faded as have the back pains suffered by those responsible for transporting and installing them.

Today’s electric heating options offer lightweight, slimline, wireless controls and all the technological benefits that time has allowed and that significant research and development has resulted in, as we take a closer look at the options available. It makes what went before look faintly ridiculous.

With gas and oil prices apparently heading in one way only, and the current economic climate making a wholesale investment in renewable technologies unlikely, many people - especially developers of three or more storey apartment buildings - are looking very carefully at electric heating as a simple and clean option.

In particular, there are aesthetically pleasing and highly practical products available where the installation of wet heating systems are impractical or complex to install – in particular in flats and apartments and in older buildings where installation of a wet system is fraught with problems. There are products that are perfect for garages and conservatories too, simple to install without the need to extend pipework or the capacity of an existing boiler. Simply add electrical spurs and attach electric radiant panel heaters – a simple, neat and cost effective option that many are seeing as the way forward.

And now that electric heating is as inexpensive or even less expensive to run than oil or gas heating, it’s not surprising that so many specifiers are turning to electric space heating – especially when they can source a wide range of products including low surface temperature products for schools and care facilities, fan assisted heaters for places that need rapid warm up, and a range of clever RF controls - including ambient temperature controls - that automatically switch on and off dependent on the heat in each room – not just in a zone or across the whole home, wasting huge amounts of energy. It’s strange that it’s not so long ago that the phrases ‘energy saving and ‘electric heating’ would not have been heard in the same breath, but now, because of the lower cost of installation and the highly controllable nature of electric heating it’s not just a concept, it’s a reality.

The joy of the modern range of offerings including those from Ecolec is the simplicity of installation – compared to the time and effort involved in installing a wet system for example. They come complete with easy to fit hanging brackets and can be fitted pretty much anywhere. Ecolec even has a range of radiators with angled edges that fit perfectly into the corner of a room.

But it’s the incredible controllability of electric heating that makes it such an attractive option in today’s marketplace. Ecolec firmly believes that the primary carbon footprint of our homes and properties can be reduced by installing properly controlled electric heaters. To achieve this, heating times and temperatures must be managed well, with different zones independently controlled. You can take control of your heating energy by choosing Ecolec products – and by using a green energy supplier – utilising renewable energy, solar, hydro or wind turbine generated electricity. In addition, Ecolec claims to help reduce the secondary carbon footprint by using local suppliers, using 100% recyclable steel in the manufacture of its products, by avoiding the use of any toxic materials in the radiators and controllers, and by supplying heaters that can be repaired even after 15 years of use. Ecolec is believed to be the only UK manufacturer to repair and refurbish existing radiators.

Managing Director of Ecolec, Chandru Ray says: "We are providing heating systems for new build developers and for refurbishment projects that can be installed by a locally based electrician more quickly and using far less components than would be required for a plumber installed wet system. Our products are slimline products that can easily be installed in difficult to access areas of a home, in hallways, in bathrooms and in small rooms or alcoves where installing a wet system radiator would be a nightmare.”

The Ecolec range is impressive and extensive and can be accessed via the company’s impressive website at The company offers cost effective, radiant electric heating that offers heat and comfort where you need it. The Ecolec radiators respond rapidly to demand for heat – reaching the required temperature in minutes, yet the company offers a range of products that meet the different requirements of a range of end uses – with pre-set temperature ranges - 70°C for its standard range, 55°C for its ‘safe to touch’ and 43°C for its range that meets the strict requirements of the NHS low surface temperature standards.

All these products are current and available but much development work is going on for new products that make radiant electric heating an exciting option for the future – heated glass walls, electric radiant heating concealed in the wall fabric so you don’t need radiators at all, heated room dividers – that allow workers to control the heat for their individual work stations, further work on controllers and timers – these are exciting times for electric radiant heating.

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