Space saving radiant panel heaters


Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton is a wonderful place. Staff at Compton Hospice are committed to providing the best care possible to the people of the Black Country. Services include in-patient care, day care, home care nursing and hospice at home, medical outpatient care and home visits, social work support, physiotherapy, lymphoedema treatment, bereavement support, complementary therapies and spiritual support, all of which are available free-of-charge to a catchment area of 1.3 million people.

Volunteers and staff at the hospice undertake a huge number of events and attend a range of outdoor opportunities for fund raising and raising awareness of the hospice and what it does for its community. It needs to store banners, marquees, tents and other equipment between these events and has suffered from much of this equipment going moldy or rotting due to being put away damp or wet after events. Ecolec offered a solution to this problem for the hospice which was gratefully received.

Ecolec ceiling mounted a number of its radiant electric radiators in the containers that housed the equipment and installed wireless controllers to control the amount and frequency of heat being requested from the heaters. The heaters are switched on each day at a low but constant heat for a short time, ensuring the damp equipment dries off and that the atmosphere in the containers is maintained at a constant very low heat level, but at a level that ensures moisture is not a problem for the equipment stored in the containers.

The outcome is no more problems with damp, moldy, rotting equipment, a warm environment even in winter for staff and volunteers to work in the containers prior to and after events, and a low cost source of heat that is totally controllable.

Energy saving was not the purpose of this installation. Energy usage is minimal and there isn’t a saving in energy terms but a huge saving in not having to replace equipment terms. The low level heating and the relatively low usage of the radiator panels, sees an almost notional increase in energy costs for the hospice.

Heat output is 800W for each of the two ceiling mounted radiators and cost to run is 22p per hour based on the current electricity charges. The installation was simplicity itself. It required electricity to be provided to the containers that live in the grounds of the hospice. It involved minimal work to attach the radiators using supplied brackets to the ceilings of the containers and the controls are wireless. The installation was a very quick and simple job, undertaken by Ecolec.

The radiators need virtually no maintenance. They are monitored daily by those using the containers and these heaters and controls come with a 5 year ‘return to base’ warranty – to date – no maintenance has been needed and none is expected.

It has highlighted the total flexibility of electric radiant heating. Because it is radiant heating, those working below the radiators feel instant warmth. When the containers are closed the warmth stays inside the insulated containers and ventilation built into the containers ensures that moisture can escape and condensation does not build up. It’s a perfect miniclimate area to ensure that the Hospice’s equipment stays dry and enjoys significant longevity that previously, the wet and damp equipment was unable to command.

The system is simple to operate, it delivers instant warmth at the level it needs to do the job it was designed to achieve.