Space saving radiant panel heaters


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Is the heater portable?
No, the heater must be fixed to the wall.

Can you paint over the radiator panels?
Yes, you can paint over them (powdercoated versions only).

Can you fit a 13amp plug?
Yes, you can, although, the standard procedure is to connect to a fused spur point. You must consult an electricians for bathroom installations.

Is the supply single phase?
Yes, 230volt/50hz.

Are they easy to fit?
Yes, fitting kit and instructions are enclosed with the heater.

Are the heaters easy to control?
Yes, in conjunction with our WCT100/TX thermostat programmer.

Is there a limit to the number of heaters that can be connected to the WCT/100TX?
There is no limit but you must consider that one controller for all heaters may not be practical.

How many WCT/100TX controllers do I need?
Ideally one for each heated room.

How can I keep running costs down?
Insulate your loft, invest in Cavity Wall insulation, fit double glazing, then, make sure the heating thermostat/programmers are set, or operated, to heat the occupied areas (ie. Avoid heating unoccupied rooms).

Can I replace my storage radiators that use ECONOMY 7 or ECONOMY 10 with Ecolec heaters and still use the off-peak tariff when available?
Yes, we can supply an Off-peak Changeover Contactor ECO7000 that can be fitted by your electrician.

Can I use one controller for one room?

Yes you can.

What is the warranty of your product?
Warranty of product is two years. This is a return to base warranty where the cost of carriage to Ecolec is at the customer's expense. All return carriage charges are to the expense of Ecolec


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