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Innovation, background and viability:

The Ecolec ® brand was launched in 1995 with the objective of supplying electrical heaters that were easy to install and economical to run.

As the years progressed, we optimised our radiators to work with a wireless room thermostat programmer offering a complete electrical heating system based on the principle that if we had more accurate controls, we could enhance energy cost savings.

Imagine an electrical heater with a 500 watt element controlled electronically to give a surface temperature of 70°C and an output of 400 watts. A simple to install, wireless controlled, heating system for the whole home. A complete range of electric heaters are available from Ecolec in a variety of sizes, finishes and outputs. These are connected to the domestic power supply. The WCT 100/TX thermostat controls the room temperature by communicating with the heater.

The brand name ECOLEC® was launched in 1995 with the specific objective of supplying economic to run electric heaters to the market.

Ecolec radiators offer heating systems for the whole home as well as for commercial applications. Perfect for apartments, public areas, offices, showrooms, shops, nurseries, schools, retirement homes and healthcare applications – there are options for all these and more.

Ideal for property extensions where modifying an existing wet heating system would be expensive or impractical, these electric panel radiators offer a simple, easy to install, effective and highly controllable alternative.

Electric heating that doesn't cost the earth

With nearly 100,000 heaters sold since their inception, ECOLEC® has become a company that supplies bespoke designs for architects along with a standard range of space saving radiant convector and splash-proof panel heaters.

With their slim-line design and light-weight features, these heaters can offer flexible solutions to discerning buyers. The pre-set temperature levels are 70°C, 55°C, or 43°C and allow accurately controlled, low surface temperature options that are not readily available in the market.

Ecolec’s wireless control thermostat can send a signal within a range of 30 metres to the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, conservatory or garden shed! The WCT thermostat/timer can be used with a radiant heater, bathroom heater rated to IP44 and fan assisted heater with the same.

The IP44 Mirror Radiator range:

The IP44 Mirror Radiator represents the latest development of Ecolec’s highly successful electric radiant panel radiator product portfolio.

It’s an extension of the popular and highly successful product range that has been offered by Ecolec since 1995. It came about as a result of a conversation with a developer looking for a heating option for a development of apartments. But there would only be room in the bathrooms for either a full length mirror or a radiator. th. Ecolec decided to solve his problem and as a result, the new mirror range was born.

Introduced in early 2009 it is already proving highly popular for all the reasons it was introduced:

  • it’s very stylish – simple, clean, but looks a million dollars
  • it’s very easy to install – simply wire the heater to a fuse spur
  • it’s slim line at just 40 mm in depth so ideal for smaller bathrooms, hallways or en-suites where you need heat but don’t have much space
  • we believe the addition for the first time of a real 4mm silvered mirror fronting provides the convenience of an up to full length mirror and the aesthetic benefits of making the room seem bigger, that a strategically placed mirror provides
  • it’s available in a range of standard sizes from 500mm x 500mm to 250mm x 2000mm
  • it operates at a standard 70°C surface temperature
  • there’s no need to manually switch the heaters ‘on’ or ‘off’ – they come with a TX control unit that sends a 433MHz radio signal to each ‘registered’ heater within a 30 metres radius .Each RX panel heater has an inbuilt receiver designed to respond to a signal from the WCT 100/RX transmitter.
  • they are simple to programme with up to six settings per day, they have a seven day clock that comes with advance mode, holiday mode, keylock mode, economy mode and boost mode

The new product range is already a commercial success although as with most new developments in the current economic climate, it has the potential to be far more successful once developments of apartments in particular and other new build options pick up in the months ahead. Having said that, it has benefited from the market that is people staying put and spending money on their existing homes rather than moving – looking for ways to improve their properties and upgrade their comfort levels in their existing homes.


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